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August 23, 2017
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1. New Rott CD (Symphony in E major/Pastorales Vorspiel) at the top of the cpo-charts

Some days ago, the fourth CD with Rott’s first symphony appeared; it also contains the Pastorales Vorspiel (Pastoral Prelude) which appears for the first time on CD (Details). Until 15.6.2002, you can get the CD via www.jpc.de for an introductory price of 13,99 Euro.

The interpretation is quite good, although there are some weaker parts. The recording is more transparent than most of the other CDs. Anyway, the CD is worth its price because of the first ever release of Rott’s Pastorales Vorspiel (Pastoral Prelude). As cpo agreed we will present some MP3 files with extracts of both works very soon.

The fact that the CD got to the top of the cpo-charts might bring up the idea to release more works by Hans Rott.

2. New article concerning Hans Rott and his relation to Gustav Mahler

The cpo CD has a very remarkable booklet! The article by Dr. Eckhard van the Hoogen is much more interesting than the stuff you usually find in CD trays: He presents interesting viewpoints and even arguments for the future musicologist discussion on Rott and the "quotations" of his music in Gustav Mahler’s symphonies. Thanks to the kind permissions of the author and cpo, the text is available online not only in a German, but also in an English and French translation.

3. Bard Music Festival in New York

As far as we know, the next Rott concert will be given in New York. During the Bard Music Festival the string quartet in c minor will be played. But the highlight will be the premiere of some of Rott’s Lieder on August 11th, 2002 (More details here and as well on the festival’s website).

4. Bruckner Festival 2002

The Bruckner Festival 2002 will take place in Würzburg/Germany in autumn. It is as well a kind of "Rott Festival": Thanks to Erwin Horn, many of Rott’s works will be played:

· Symphony in E major

· Pastorales Vorspiel (Pastoral Prelude)

· String Quartet in c minor

· Lieder

We look especially forward to the Lieder because this will be (at least) their first European performance; some songs may even be premiered. Unfortunately we still cannot say which songs will be given in New York and/or Würzburg.

Erwin Horn plans to play as well his transcription of Rott’s first symphony for organ on October 12th, 2002 during his organ concert ("Bruckner and Wagner on the organ").

5. Pastorales Vorspiel – German Premiere in Berlin (March 2002)

We already added two (rather superficial) reviews of this good concert conducted by Jac van Steen (http://www.hans-rott.de/werke/pastvord.htm). Thanks to the kind permission of Habakuk Traber and the Konzerthaus we will be able to present the Rott relevant part of the

the (much better) concert’s program.

6. Rott "Ezine"

There are plans to publish a regularly appearing electronic magazine ("ezine") on Hans Rott. The feature article could be a Rott related interview.

But in order to realize those plans we need further colleagues. Such an enterprise needs several heads (for ideas) and shoulders (for the distribution of the work).

Therefore we hope for many volunteers.


Martin Brilla

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