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August 23, 2017
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1. The Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaft (International Hans Rott Society) had been founded

The Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaft (IHRG) had been founded on the occasion of the Bruckner Festival 2002 in Würzburg. The IHRG's seat is Vienna, of course.

Dr Uwe Harten (Vienna/Austria), the author of the book on Hans Rott, had been elected President, Erwin Horn (Würzburg/Germany) and Martin Brilla (Aachen/Germany) act as Vice Presidents, the latter also as Secretary. For more information about the IHRG please see the Society's website.

As the IHRG's success not least depends on the financial resources at its disposal, everyone interested is warmly invited to become a member; for the necessary information please see the above-mentioned website. Also (and especially) German members are welcome; there will be an English edition of all publications and newsletters.

The IHRG will furnish its members with (in part exclusive) information by regular newsletters. Besides members will have an opportunity to attend IHRG events at reduced rates. Finally we plan to offer further special rates to our members (as for instance for CDs).

The Society will automatically grant every member who joins the IHRG before December 31, 2002 a founder membership. The membership cards will be dispatched at the beginning of next year.

We continue to distribute our newsletter free in order to furnish also non-members with the most important news on a regular basis. The newsletter for our members, however, will be issued more frequently and be considerably more detailed. We ask you to kindly understand this procedure.


2. Bruckner-Fest 2002 (Part II)

The second weekend of the Bruckner Festival 2002 had been a huge success, too.

For Hans Rott friends it began with a very interesting and detailed lecture by Dr Uwe Harten. He gave an account of Rott's life and work illustrated by sound samples, pictures and documents.

The Pastoral Prelude performed by the Bruckner Orchestra Linz with Dennis Russell Davies conducting received some positive reviews in the papers. It has to be mentioned, however, that this performance was even more doubtful than that of the cpo recording. Davies not only ignored almost all of Rott's directions but also added tempo changes which were pure invention. For instance, Rott's tempo indication at the beginning of the second part of the double fugue says: "as before". Here, compared to the first part, Davies increased the tempo considerably, although he had played the work and especially the fugue far too fast anyway (immediately before the fugue the tempo indication says "very slow" and then "faster and determined"). All this despite the acoustics in the cathedral which would have called for a slower performance.

All the more pleasing was the Munich Radio Orchestra's performance of the Symphony in E major with Sebastian Weigle conducting. It proved that the conductor had thoroughly studied the work which lead to sometimes surprising but very impressive results. It is to be assumed that it had been the best interpretation so far. Fortunately, the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation had recorded the concert. As soon as the date of the broadcast is known (probably next spring) we will immediately inform the subscribers of our newsletter. Besides Weigle is negotiating about a CD recording of the symphony which, no doubt, would be a great enrichment.

In summing up it can be said that, besides the very first performance of the symphony, the Bruckner Festival 2002 had been the most important event for the reception of Rott's music far and away. Thus our thanks and appreciation are due to the organizers and their many indefatigable helpers. We want to mention Erwin Horn in place of all those: "Thank you, Erwin!"


3. News from the music publishers - "Julius Caesar" is finished

In the meantime the new version of the Symphony in E major (publishing house of Ries & Erler) has been performed several times. After the incorporation of the still necessary corrections, there will be an acceptable and easily available edition at last.

Doblinger will publish the String Quartet in c minor as well as the songs which have been performed in Würzburg. There are, however, still copyright problems to be solved.

The greatest surprise may be the fact that Doblinger decided on short notice accept for publication the "Prelude to Julius Caesar" which Frank Litterscheid has just finished editing. "Julius Caesar" is Rott's only really complete orchestral work that has not yet been performed. There is great hope now that this will no longer be the case soon.


4. The cpo CD continues to be a success

Cpo have been very content with the sales figures of their Rott CD. In the annual rating ("The 12 Top Sellers of the Year", see jpc Courier, December 2002) it is number 10 - an impressive result! Presently the CD is ranging among the first 25.

As a consequence cpo are very interested in recording more works by Rott. We will try to further these plans.


5. More than 15,000 visitors of the Website

The interest in the Hans Rott Website is constantly increasing. Whereas in the previous newsletter we were delighted to report 10,000 visitors there have been now - just two months later - already more than 15,000!

But also the newsletter had widened its range of distribution: It is not only sent off to Germany and Austria but also to China, France, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Spain and the USA etc.

Many thanks for your interest!

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Martin Brilla



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