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August 23, 2017
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1. Choral works performed for the first time

On the occasion of the 25th Würzburg Choral Music Days 2003, Hans Rott's only performable choral works (according to present knowledge) will be heard for the first time soon:


April 6, 2003

5.00 p.m.

Würzburg Conservatoire, Germany

Würzburger Sängerverein von 1847 e.V.

with Caroline Prozeller conducting

"Epigonen" (Epigones)

"Das Echo" (The Echo)

and other pieces


For further information kindly contact Ruth Lehritter, telephone ++49 (0)931 / 18 97.


I am looking forward very much to this event and will report on the concert. Besides you will find further details about these works on our website soon.


2. Hans Rott on air

Fortunately, there are more and more radio broadcasts of Rott's music:


April 22, 2003       HR (Hessischer Rundfunk - Hessian Radio Staition) 2
08.05 a.m.     Matinee
      Wagner: Overture to "The Flying Dutchman"
      Crusell: Clarinet Concert No. 1 in E-flat major
      Mozart: Sonata for Piano in B-flat major KV 333
      Hans Rott: Symphony No. 1 in E major; Cincinnati Philharmonia Orchestra, Gerhard Samuel conducting

Additional information: On March 11, 2003 the Australian Radio Station ABC Classic FM broadcasted the Pastoral Prelude.

3.  The performance of the Symphony No. 1 in E major by the Houston Symphony is threatened

Following a strike of the orchestra the performances planned for April 26 to 28 are gravely endangered. The conductor, Alan Gilbert, told the Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaft that he is very disappointed for he had been looking forward to performing the Symphony.


However, the concerts have not been cancelled yet.


4.  Performing materials for the Symphony No. 1 in E major

The Berlin publishing house of Ries & Erler has announced on their website http://www.rieserler.de/nova.htm that the score and the parts of the Symphony No. 1 in E major are available.


5. List of the performable works

It was already in the autumn of last year that it turned out that details of the works index compiled by Kreysing (for an excerpt see http://www.hans-rott.de/werke/werked.htm) need some correcting.


So, for instance the "Winter Song" will be beyond reconstruction.


On the other hand, it seems as if further works by Rott may be considered performable which are not included in the works index:


- Orchestral Prelude (1876)


- "Zwei Wünsche" (Two Wishes), a song for soprano or tenor and piano (date of composition unknown)


The works index of our website will be revised soon.


Thanking you for your interest.

Martin Brilla


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