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August 23, 2017
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1. A Review

Of the many events that took place during the last months, only a few shall be mentioned:

The Portuguese premiere of the Symphony No. 1 in E major on October 23, 2003 (played again on October 24, 2003), performed by the Orquestra Gulbenkian with Michael Zilm conducting had been very well received by the audience. The worldwide famous composer and conductor Pierre Boulez had been attending the concert. He was so impressed by the Symphony that, while still on location, he set out to study both the score and Dr Uwe Harten's book. Let's hope that Mr Boulez's enthusiasm as well as his knowledge and experience will induce him to perform this work with a prominent orchestra.

Hans Rott had also been present during the Gustav Mahler Music Weeks in Toblach: Dr Uwe Harten (President of the Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaft) gave a lecture on "Hans Rott - A Composer is Emerging From the Shadow of Gustav Mahler". Rott also put in a musical appearance: The Mandelring Quartett gave an outstanding performance of the String Quartet in c minor. In November, Dr Harten had been invited by the Gustav Mahler Vereinigung Hamburg to give another lecture on Hans Rott: "Hans Rott and Gustav Mahler - Two Fruits From The Same Tree".

The website www.hans-rott.de keeps expanding: For some time now it offers a works index and contributions on the Symphony No. 1 in E major and the Prelude to "Julius Caesar" by the respective editors. In November we counted our 50,000th visitor.

2. Commemorative plaque at Hans Rott's grave in Vienna

2004 will be the 120th anniversary of Hans Rott's death. We are pleased to announce that the Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaft will put up a commemorative plaque at his now newly occupied grave thus marking his hitherto anonymous burial place . The event will probably take place in spring.

3. Asian premiere of Rott's Symphony No. 1 in E major

Next year, there will be not only numerous performances of Rott's First Symphony in E major in Mainz, Cologne, and Tenerifa Island but also the Asian premiere in Tokyo. The Pastoral Prelude, too will be played in concerts in Toblach, Wolkenstein and possibly other places.

More details you will find at http://www.hans-rott.de/whatson.htm.

4. World premieres and first performances in 2004

In early January there will take place the premiere of the Symphony in A-flat major for String Orchestra in Baden/Switzerland.

In February, we will have the world premiere of the Prelude to "Julius Caesar" in Münster/Germany.

Most probably, there will be a performance of the String Quartet in c minor in Mainz/Germany along with the German premiere of the Symphony for String Orchestra.

Also in March as well as in May, an organ transcription of the second movement of the First Symphony by Erwin Horn (Vice President of the Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaft) will be played for the first time in Würzburg resp. Siegburg (Germany).

During the Gustav Mahler Music Weeks in Toblach, the Lieder will be put on the programme.

And the world premiere of the Suite in E major is possibly due for the end of the year.

More details you will find at http://www.hans-rott.de/whatson.htm.


5. Announcement of new CD

Another CD of the Symphony No. 1 in E major has been announced for the next year by Arte Nova with the Münchner Rundfunkorchester and Sebastian Weigle conducting (the recording took place in early December already). Everyone who had been present at the performances in autumn 2002 in Würzburg or this month in Munich, will be looking forward to this studio production. Add to this, there are plans to also record for this CD the Orchestral Prelude in E major as well as the Prelude to "Julius Caesar".

The members of the Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaft will receive more detailed and further information within the next few days by circular letter.

Wishing all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Martin Brilla


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