Hans Rott -
Geistergruß (Ghost's Greetings)
in f minor for Bass and Piano

(Nowak no. 18, Banks no. 30)

Updated on
August 23, 2017
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Copyright Martin Brilla
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This Lied was composed in Vienna, presumably in July 1876.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Hoch auf dem alten Turme steht
Des Helden edler Geist,
Der, wie das Schiff vorüber geht,
Es wohl zu fahren heißt.
High up on the ancient tower stands
The hero's noble ghost,
Which, as the ship passes by,
Bids it a safe journey.
"Sieh, diese Sehne war so stark,
Dies Herz so fest und wild,
Die Knochen voll von Rittermark,
Der Becher angefüllt;
"Behold, this sinew was so strong,
This heart so firm and wild,
The bones full of a knight's marrow,
The cup well-filled;
Mein halbes Leben stürmt' ich fort,
Verdehnt' die Hälft' in Ruh.
Und du, du Menschenschifflein dort,
Fahr immer, immer zu!"
Half my life I stormed forth,
Half of it I stretched my limbs in peace.
And you, you little man-made boat there,
Go forth forever, ever!"
  Translation by Hannelore Wirth © 2003 - all rights reserved

This composition has 36 bars.  

(without any claim for completeness)

August 11, 2002
Dean Elzinga, bass/baritone
Dennis Helmrich, piano
New York/USA; Bard Music Festival
First performance
October 12, 2002
Johannes Weinhuber, baritone
Markus Bellheim, piano
Würzburg/D, Great Hall of the former Mozartschule
First European performance

July 13, 2004
Dominik Wörner, bass
Felicitas Strack, piano
Toblach/I, Gustav Mahler Saal

August 14, 2004
Thomas Staudinger, baritone
Klaus Laczika, piano
St. Florian/A, Stift St. Florian, Sala terrena
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