Hans Rott -
Movement for String Quartet op. VII

(Nowak no. 70/71, Banks no. 57)

Updated on
August 23, 2017
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Time and place of composition unknown. As all parts have been written down in the treble clef there is a good reason to suspect that it is either a very early composition or that it was conceived in the lunatic asylum. The musical quality of this work is not too good either.

It is, however, remarkable that some almost exact passages can also be found in the Scene from Schillers "Glocke" ("The Bell") in C major resp. the Symphony for String Orchestra in A-flat major. Whether these are quotations from both works or these passages have their origin in this movement for string quartet remains unclear for the time being.

The below-mentioned edition is based upon the autograph score (ÖNB Mus. Hs. 28.403) as well as the autograph part of the first violin (ÖNB Mus. Hs. 28.404).

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This composition has 307 bars.


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October 15, 2014
Hans Rott Quartett
Vienna/A, Konzerthaus/Schubert-Saal


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